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Review & Giveaway: Lady of Intrigue by Sabrina Darby

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Released Nov 9th, 2015
Entangled Scandalous

London, 1814

Lady Jane Langley values logic and reason over passion and emotion. Her intellect has given her value in the eyes of both her father and society. Logic gives way to terrible, icy fear when Jane finds herself in a devastating carriage accident... an accident in which she is helpless to do anything but watch as her aristocratic companion is murdered.

But this was no mere accident. This was an assassination. Spy and grandson of Lord Landsdowne, Gerard Badeau is methodic in his dark, shadowy work, knowing that any display of emotion could get him killed. Something about the mysterious woman and her cool blue eyes stays Gerard's lethal hand. Now he has both a witness and a hostage.

And if he doesn't kill Lady Jane Langley, he risks a fate that is far, far worse...falling in love with her.

My Review

 This was a great read that left me turning the pages, eager to know what was going to happen next. It's a very romantic novel, with a strong chemistry between the main characters but there's also action and plot twists. .
Lady Jane Langley wants to join her father who is part of the British delegation of the Congress of Vienna. She's a smart girl and full of ideas, her  father can not help but to her. But the carriage is traveling on, has a bad accident. She's also witnessing a murder. She thinks her life is over but the murderess save her and take her away with him. Gerard will regret this choice often but is not really managed to kill that face so beautiful. He cure her wounds and tries to find out who this defiant and determined girl is. Even Jane tries to find out who his captor is. Spending a lot of time together and getting to know more and more, they discover to be attracted to each other.
The author is very good at making us feel the concerns and doubts of the protagonists. Jane is afraid because she could be killed at any moment but a strange feeling inside her made her understand that she need not fear her abductor. He has cured her wounds, she was naked under his hands and strangely this thought not embarrassed her at all. Gerard knows he made a mistake, he has saved a dangerous witness. He's attracted by her courage, her  strength and her resourcefulness. Their love story is very complicated: he is an illegitimate child while Jane is part of high society. Will be she willing to give up everything to live their love story? Or will she prefer security and comforts of her class?
It is an entertaining and relaxing read, The story had a good pace, the plot is clever; the dialogue is witty.
I definitely recommend this one.


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Sabrina Darby has been reading romance novels since the age of seven and learned her best vocabulary (dulcet, diaphanous, and turgid) from them. She started writing romance the day after her wedding when she woke up with an idea for a Regency. She resides in Southern California with her husband and son.

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