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Review & Giveaway: Burned by Natasha Deen

by Natasha Deen





Two years ago, Josie Smith’s life went up in smoke. Literally. Everyone and everything she ever loved burned in a fire—one set by a crooked cop. To survive, Josie’s been living under the radar as a homeless kid while trying to find a way to knock the cop down a few notches and put her on the other side of the prison bars. But time’s running out. A pimp’s got his eye on Josie, and if she doesn’t get off the streets soon, she’ll be the one brought down. Her salvation and the key to the cop’s undoing seem to lie with a car thief and a rich kid. Trust and teamwork don’t come easily to Josie—in fact, they don’t come at all—but if she can’t find a way to make the team work and find justice for her family, she will get burned all over again.


My Review

It 's a short  but addictive read, especially suitable for teenagers.
Josie is a girl living among the homeless. She pretends to be a boy and lives of petty theft and gimmicks. The only thing she wants to accomplish is to take revenge on cop who has killed her family.
The decision to write this novel from the point of view of Josie made the story more engaging. Josie is an independent and determined girl, she was able to react with great strength and courage to a really terrible situation.
It 's a well-written story, with lots of action and plot twists, maybe hardly realistic but very exciting.
This book is part of a trilogy but I've only read this one and I had no problem to understanding this story
I recommend it especially to adolescents



The wind coming off the ocean turned the night chilly. I tucked my bag close to my chest and hurried down the street. A sub and dessert for dinner. Last night, I’d had some pizza that someone had dumped in the garbage. Tonight, I wanted to eat by the ocean, to enjoy the rare joy of eating food that hadn’t been pre-chewed, to sit and watch the waves and pretend—just for a minute—that I was a normal kid with normal problems.

I walked down Hastings to Gore Ave. At least, I meant to. As soon as I approached the corner, my skin flashed cold. I caught a glimpse of a big, bald guy, and a two-headed eagle tattoo. It extended above the collar of his shirt and encircled his neck. He looked up, stepped forward. The action cast a shadow over the person he was with, left them a faceless figure. Every instinct told me to run. Twisting on my heel, I did a 180. A few steps down, I breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever was going down on the other side of the street, I wasn’t the target..

Then I heard the footsteps behind me.

Heavy, hard, and coming up fast.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Natasha Deen is the author of over a dozen books and divides her time between writing, presenting at schools, and speaking at conferences. Her previous novels include the CCBC Best Pick for Kids and Teens and 2015 Sunburst Award nominated Guardian, and the True Grime series. In her spare time she cuddles on the couch with her furry and non-furry family, and thinks the best way to beat writer’s block is with tea and cookies. Visit her at

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  2. Sounds like a great book and I enjoyed following the tour and learning all about it, thanks for sharing and Good Luck with Burned!

  3. I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you!


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