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Review: Rye Must Die by Dakota Madison & Savannah Young

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Rye Must Die

There’s a fine line between sexy alpha and creepy stalker…and Rye has crossed it. Izzy Grant is supposed to be dead, suicide by hanging. But when she regains consciousness she’s still alive and still the crazy girl everyone in Old Town loves to hate. But one thing had changed. He saved her life, a shadowy figure wearing all black and riding a motorcycle. Now he’s following Izzy. She doesn’t know why, but she’s eager to find out. When charming ghost hunter, Max Elliot, barges into Izzy’s life she isn’t looking for love…except in the biker romance novels she’s obsessed with. But when Rye’s behavior takes on new and violent dimensions, Izzy and Max struggle to find a way to stop him before his violence against Izzy escalates. Maybe the only solution is for Rye to die. RYE MUST DIE is a NOVELLA by USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR Savannah Young. It can be read as a STANDALONE or as part of the ongoing series.

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My Review

It's a great, lovable, fast-paced book. The authors have created a truly immersive story, a perfect mix of romance and mystery with a touch of  paranormal. The dialogue is sparkling and brilliant, the characters are whimsical and bizarre and the plot is well constructed and intriguing.
Izzy is a solitary person, she does not like being in contact with the community in which she lives. She devotes her days to the antique shop she inherited from her grandmother. Also tries to take her own life but a mysterious biker saves her. Her life changes when into her shop enters Max, a ghost hunter really attractive. There is magic between them but Izzy is skeptical towards love. Max is determined to make her surrender in any way, when he want something, nothing can stop him. He drags her into a fascinating world completely unknown to her ....
I really loved Izzy. I thought she was such a great character! She's smart, outspoken, full of humor and is a great lover of romance novels
This new series promises very well, I can not wait to read the next
I received an advanced reader copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Author Bio

Karen BrysonUSA TODAY Bestselling author Dakota Madison is known for writing New Adult and contemporary romance with a little spice and lots of heart. She likes to explore current social issues in her work. Dakota is a winner of the prestigious RONE Award for Excellence in the Indie and Small Publishing Industry. When she’s not at her computer creating spicy stories Dakota likes to spend time with her husband and their bloodhounds at their home outside Phoenix, Arizona. Dakota also writes under the pen names SAVANNAH YOUNG, SIERRA AVALON and REN MONTERREY.
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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. I appreciate it!
    "Dakota & Savannah"


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