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Review: The Tell-Tail Heart by Monica Shaughnessy

The Tell-Tail Heart
by Monica Shaughnessy

tell tail heartThe Tell-Tail Heart: A Cattarina Mystery
(Cattarina Mysteries) (Volume 1)

Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Jumping Jackalope Press (June 17, 2014)
Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0988562974


The untold story behind Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
Philadelphia, 1842: Poe’s cat, Cattarina, becomes embroiled in a killer’s affairs when she finds a clue to the crime – a glass eye. But it’s only when her beloved “Eddy” takes an interest that she decides to hunt down the madman. Her dangerous expedition takes her from creepy Eastern State Penitentiary to Rittenhouse Square where she runs into a gang of feral cats intent on stopping her.
As the mystery pulls Cattarina deeper into trouble, even Eddy becomes the target of suspicion. Yet she cannot give up the chase. Both her reputation as a huntress and her friend’s happiness are at stake. For if she succeeds in catching the Glass Eye Killer, the missing pieces of Eddy’s unfinished story will fall into place, and the Poe household will once again experience peace.

My Review
I've never read anything by Poe also because  the horror genre doesn't excite me. But I've chosen to read this book because I love cats and cozy mystery. I liked it so much that I decided to read the story of Poe behind this novel.
The writer is in crisis, no longer able to write and finish his story, his faithful cat Cattarina tries in every way to help. Perhaps there are strange happenings in Philadelphia that can help the writer to unlock: in the city there seems to be a "Killer The Glass Eye"  who kills people with a glass eye and robs it to them. His inquisitive cat finds a glass eye on the ground, picks it up and begins to investigate. From here there will be a lot of trouble for her and for her master.
It 's a quick read, cute. charming and compelling, well-written, I really enjoyed  Cattarina as narrator of this story. I also loved how the cat was trying to protect the weak Poe's wife, Sissy. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
I recommend it to those who love the stories of Poe, cats and cozy mysteries.

monicaAbout This Author
Monica Shaughnessy has a flair for creating characters and plots larger than her home state of Texas. Most notably, she’s the author of the Cattarina Mysteries, a cozy mystery series starring Edgar Allan Poe’s real-life cat companion. Ms. Shaughnessy has nine books in print, including two young adult novels, a middle grade novel, a picture book, two cozy mystery novellas, and numerous short stories. Customers have praised her work time and again, calling it “unique and creative,” “fresh and original,” and “very well written.” If you’re looking for something outside the mainstream, you’ll find it in her prose. When she’s not slaying adverbs and tightening plots, she’s walking her rescue dogs, goofing around with her family, or going back to the grocery store for the hundredth time because she forgot milk.

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  1. Grazie per l' ottima recensione! (I really hope I thanked you for the great review and not for a great bowl of soup since I used Google Translate).

    1. Your answer in Italian is perfect! You're welcome! Thanks for the chance to read this cute book!


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