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Review & Giveaway: Hide nor Hair by Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa

Hide nor Hair
by Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa

Hide nor Hair
(A Jersey Girl Cozy Mystery Book 2)

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Publisher: Cup of Tea Books, an imprint of PageSpring Publishing (April 21, 2015)
For this Jersey girl, big hair means big trouble!
Newspaper reporter Colleen Caruso just wants her unruly curls tamed into smooth, sleek locks. Instead, she finds her stylist dead, face down in a shampoo sink. Faster than you can say Aqua Net, Colleen starts investigating. The case gets even hairier when the owner of a local fitness studio seems to have jumped from a plane … without a parachute.
Meanwhile, her suave editor, Ken Rhodes, steps in to help.  And he may be looking for more than just a good story from Colleen.
Add in a missing bracelet, some suspicious husbands, and a little breaking and entering—and this Jersey girl is heading for a real blowout!
Can Colleen tie up these split ends? Or does she have an appointment with disaster?
My Review
Be the first on two occasions to find a corpse in a quiet New Jersey town certainly does not happen to everyone, only to Colleen Caruso. For her sixteen year old daughter she is a myth, for those who are investigating, instead, is a real ball and chain. Also because she cann't contain her curiosity, she should investigate on her own and ends up to put in embarrassing situations.
Colleen is a journalist, divorced with two children. One morning before going to work, with her sister Kate, goes to the hairdresser to get hair straightening. But they find her with face down in a sink full of water. Colleen tries to save her but she is already dead. She was the most good hairdresser in the country and was married to Matthew Oliver, a rich local businessman. May have been a robbery? Or the competition? While looking for find information about the murder, Colleen must also work to a service on a flight school. She goes to the airport with the newspaper's photographer and they make a gruesome discovery: a body in the middle of a field. It's the wife of Hank, the owner of the small airport and close friend of the hairdresser's husband. Are the two murders connected? 
The characters are all well characterized and developed. Colleen is a fun and clumsy woman, she is a single mom who tries to devote proper attention to her children and to her work. She has a strong infatuation with her boss: their interactions and their dialogue is very amusing.
This cozy mystery is a quick read, fun and engaging: between a laugh and a twist, it's hard to put it down until you have found out who committed these murders.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Jo-Ann author photo
About This Author
                 Jo-Ann Lamon Reccoppa lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey, and uses her experience as a freelance correspondent as the basis of her protagonist’s career. Several of the incidents within these pages are actual occurrences. They have been shamelessly embellished and are not a blow-by-blow account of a few really bad days on the job. Hide Nor Hair is her second novel.
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