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Review & Giveaway: The Final Reveille by Amanda Flower

The Final Reveille
(A Living History Museum Mystery)

Cozy Mystery
New Series
Publisher: Midnight Ink (May 8, 2015)
Paperback: 336 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738744735


As the director of Barton Farm, a living history museum in Ohio, Kelsey Cambridge is underpaid and underappreciated, but she loves every minute of it. Determined to keep the struggling farm open, she plans to impress the museum’s wealthy benefactress, Cynthia Cherry, with a Civil War reenactment on the farm’s grounds.
Unfortunately, the first shot in the battle isn’t from a period soldier. It’s from Cynthia’s greedy nephew, Maxwell, who fires a threat at Kelsey to cut the museum’s funding. The next morning, things go from bad to worse when Kelsey discovers Maxwell dead. Now Kelsey is the police’s number one suspect, and she must start her own investigation to save Barton Farm . . . and herself.
My Review:

I am interested in Civil War history and I have always wanted to attend a reenactment so I really enjoyed this cozy mystery.
Barton Farm is a living history museum and is the pride of the director Kelsey Cambridge and its main financier Cynthia Cherry. It 's a village in Ohio rebuilt as it should be in the mid-nineteenth century with actors representing hypothetical inhabitants. The latest idea of Kelsey, doing reenactments of the civil war, was enthusiastically received by the visitors. Unfortunately, the only inheritor of Cynthia, Maxwell doesn't share their enthusiasm and want to target the money of her aunt towards things most prolific. The day after he threatened Kelsey to close her business, Maxwell is found dead and the director immediately becomes the main suspect. Besides trying to exonerate herself, Kelsey has to fight with her child of five years, with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, and the whims of his fake soldiers who seem to be fighting real battles.

It 's written very well, captures the reader from the first pages: the plot is compelling, the characters are well developed, humorous and fun, the pace is fast. The descriptions are so detailed that it seems to really make a tour through the streets of this old village.
I received the eBook free as a review copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 

About This Author
Amanda Flower, a two-time Agatha Award-nominated mystery author, started her writing career in elementary school when she read a story she wrote to her sixth grade class and had the class in stitches with her description of being stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. She knew at that moment she’d found her calling of making people laugh with her words. She also writes mysteries as national bestselling  author Isabella Alan. In addition to being an author, Amanda is an academic librarian for a small college near Cleveland.
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