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Review&Giveaway: Sedona Sunset by Tanya Stowe

Sedona Sunset
by Tanya Stowe



After an auto accident leaves her crippled and takes her mother’s life, Lara Fallon completes her mother’s dream of opening a school and offering scholarships to promising young artists. Although Lara is struggling with survivor’s guilt, she is thrilled that Alexander Summers, world-renown Flamenco player and professor of art, will perform at the grand opening of The Fallon School of Art. But Alex has a secret. He investigates art theft for UNESCO, and when pieces of Chaco pottery suddenly appear on the black market, Alex is certain The Fallon School of Art is a cover for this illegal operation. He’s determined to uncover the link...even if it means romantically pursuing the lovely Lara Fallon. Alex’s investigation leads him on collision course with Lara’s inner struggle to cope with her mother’s death and her own wavering faith in God. Now, Lara’s school and her heart are in danger. But is her life as well?


My Review:

This story is very enchanting and has it all: there are romanticism, a beautiful legend and dream atmospheres, a mystery to be solved, the places truly spectacular and great characters.
Lara is able to realize the dream of her mother, she has finally completed the construction of a school for children with special talents, the Fallon School of Art in Sedona, Arizona. Lara, with some friends who have helped realize this project, goes there for the inauguration. She is immediately fascinated by this land and understand why her mother loved coming here. A bad accident took her away and almost threatened to paralyze her. Now living with the guilt of surviving. Her friends helped her a lot, especially Bert, the right arm of her father: she would like that their relationship was more than friendship but the man is very cold and distant to her. She perceives it even more after meeting Alex, a great musician, very passionate. There is immediately a great chemistry between them. But Alex is investigating the school, it seems to be involved in a strange traffic of fake items.
The various characters are really cute. Lara is a fragile person but strong at the same time. She was able to walk again when it seemed impossible, and has realized the dream of her mother, at the same time, however, afraid of her feelings, she prefers to hide or run away rather than face them. She hates the looks of the people: feels of not being up to her parents, especially not having the great charm of her mother. She's surrounded by wonderful friends but treat her as if she was still sick, they don't make her feel useful. Alex is a great musician, is capable with his wonderful notes and with his charm to get into the heart of Lara, is the only one able to understand how she feels and what she needs most. I didn't like Bert: he is much right arm of Mr Fallon but little friend of Lara, is never loving or kind to her. Very funny as Alex tried to ruin his inaugural tour: put him in trouble highlighting the organizational weaknesses of the school.
I really liked the style of Tanya Stowe: thanks to a simple but effective language and short sentences the novel appears compelling and engaging. It's full of detailed descriptions, realistic but with a magical language: there are dreamy sunsets and captivating encounters between Lara and Alex.



Millie shrugged. “I get feelings, know things I shouldn’t know.”

“You mean you’re psychic?” Lara asked.

”No. Jesus is a close personal friend, and I talk to Him a lot.”

The sincerity in the woman’s tone stopped Lara from laughing. “Lots of people say the words, but I believe He really is your friend.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tanya Stowe is an author of Christian Fiction with an unexpected edge. She fills her stories with the unusual…gifts of the spirit and miracles, mysteries and exotic travel, even an angel or two. No matter where Tanya takes you…on a journey to the Old West or to contemporary adventures in foreign lands…be prepared for the extraordinary.

Twitter: @TanyaStowe1

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