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The Outlander Series 2015

This series is one that I really want to read, but just have not gotten to.

Any other information can be found here

Who can join?
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the challenge. It doesn't matter if you have read the books before and just want to re-read them or if this is your first time digging in.

How long does this challenge last?
The challenge runs from Feb. 1, 2015 to Sept. 30, 2015. Why those months? Those months seem to be the least hectic for everyone. Also, I wanted to aim for reading a book a month. 

The Reading Schedule (The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon in Order)

February - Outlander 
March - Dragonfly in Ember
April - Voyager
May - Drums of Autumn
June -The Fiery Cross
July - A Breathe of Snow and Ashes
August - An Echo in the Bone
September - Written in My Own Hearts Blood

Bonus Reads
The Exile - A Graphic Novel
Lord John Grey Series
 - Lord John and the Private Matter
 - Lord John and the Hand of Devils
 - Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade
 - Scottish Prisoner

** If you get behind or ahead in the reading schedule that is totally fine. The goal is just to read all eight books by the end 

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