martedì 6 gennaio 2015

2015 Authors A to Z Reading Challenge

Here are the details/rules:
– The challenge runs from 1 January to 31 December 2015

– Read a book written by authors with last names from A to Z, and try to collect every letter of the alphabet

– Only last names count, so William Shakespeare would fall under S, not W

– Speaking of Shakespeare, the books you read may fall under any form/genre: prose, poetry, drama; fiction, non-fiction, academic monographs…

– Your books don’t have to be “physical” either–ebooks and audiobooks are more than welcome!

– Crossovers with other challenges and re-reads are also more than welcome!

– You do not need to have a blog or review the books in order to participate–having a list somewhere (such as GoodReads) is fine

– Sign-ups are open till 30 November 2015

– Come December 2015, I’ll be making a post for you to submit your completed challenges. If you manage to finish by 31 Dec 2015, then you’ll be in the running for a booktastic prize draw!

How to join:
– If you’re a blogger, grab the challenge banner and link back to this post to help spread the word and encourage others to join! Fill out the form below, and include a link to your challenge sign-up post (not to your overall blog).

– If you’re a non-blogger, keep track of your authors list any way you wish (I know quite a few people start up a challenge bookshelf on Goodreads), and use the form below to fill out your details (and perhaps a link to your challenge bookshelf, if you’re setting one up).

Books read:
A- Rachael Anderson Stick in the Mud meets Spontaneity
B- Lisa Burnstein Mia and the Bad Boy
C- Deborah Camp Through His Heart
E- Victoria Escobar Leaving Tracks
F- Tawna Fenske Protector For Hire
G- Julie Anne Grasso Stellarcardia
H- Heather Hiestand Weddig Matilda
I-Maria Imbalzano Dancing in the Sand
J- Jessica Jefferson Chasing the Other Tisdale
K- Donna Kauffman Sea Glass Sunrise
L- Joyce and Jim Lavene Give ‘Em Pumpkin To Talk About
M- Jeremy Maughan Zion's Call
N- Brenda Novak This Heart Of Mine
P- Karen Pokras Woven Wishes
S- Monica Shaughnessy The Teil-Tall Heart
T- Laura Trentham An Indecent Invitation
V- Deidre Verne Drawing Conclusion
W- Susie Warren The Convenient Wedding

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