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Review & Giveaway: Baint and Snitch by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn

Bait and Snitch
by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn

BAIT AND SNITCHBait and Snitch
Ponderosa Pines Cozy Mystery
Genre – Cozy Mystery
Print Length: 166 pages
Publication Date: May 12, 2016


Ponderosa Pines used to be the safest place on earth.
Lately, though, EV Torrence and Chloe LaRue are wondering if their once-sleepy town has caught a ride in a handbasket–with a one-way ticket to someplace hot! When visiting attorney Stacey Hawthorne is brutally attacked, EV and Chloe launch into a new investigation–one that will expose several of their neighbor’s deepest secrets.
One of those neighbors has a past, and it’s about to come back to haunt the whole town.

My Review

This book is an enjoyable read, easy and quick, ideal to spend a relaxing afternoon. I was very happy to know the quiet Ponderosa Pines and its inhabitants.
During a snowstorm, a car gets stuck, a man was attacked and seriously injured. EV and Chloe can not help but investigate. Does anyone want to ruin the peaceful harmony of their city?
It is the fourth in the series but really does work well as a stand-alone - I had not read the earlier books and still thoroughly enjoyed this one.
The plot is well developed and full of twists, the pace is fast enough and the characters are warm and lovable. An engrossing and fun read, highly recommended

About The Authors –

ReGina Welling is the author of the Psychic Seasons series and co-author of the Ponderosa Pines series written with her lovely daughter, Erin Lynn. She has recently moved back to Maine where she was raised in a small town with certain similarities to Ponderosa Pines–one that felt like an extended family.
Erin Lynn is the co-author of the Ponderosa Pines series. After living in Syracuse, NY for 8 years, she recently returned to the middle of nowhere, Maine with the intention of hibernating, writing lots of books and turning a neglected house into a beautiful home.
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