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2016 Reading Challenge: Historical Fiction

Hosted by Amy over at Passages to the Past

  • Everyone can participate, even those who don't have a blog (you can add your book title and thoughts in the comment section back at Passages to the Past if you wish)
  • Add the link(s) of your review(s) including your name and book title to the Mister Linky added each month at Passages to the Past (please, do not add your blog link, but the correct address that will guide readers directly to your review)
  • Any sub-genre of historical fiction is accepted (Historical Romance, Historical Mystery, Historical Fantasy, Young Adult, etc.)

The challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st 2016 and there are six different levels to choose from:

20th century Reader  - 2 books
Victorian Reader        - 5 books
Renaissance Reader - 10 books
Medieval                   - 15 books
Ancient History          - 25 books
Prehistoric                 - 50+ books

I’ll be joining at the Ancient History level
1. Weeping Women Springs by Tamara Eaton
2. Finding Promise by Scarlett Dunn
3. Once Upon A Spy by Sheridan Jeane
4. The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso
5. Society's Most Scandalous Viscount by Annabelle Bryant
6. Enchantment of a Highlander by Madeline Martin
7. Brains and Beauty by Jeanette Watts
8. In Time For You by Chris Karlsen 
9. Pure Temptation by Auria Jourdain
10. Wild Lavender by Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher
11. Trifling Favors by Heather Hiestand
12. Into The Void by Emma Stein
13. Conquered by Paula Quinene
14. A Study In Temperance by Ichabod Temperance
15. The Chevalier by Philippa Lodge
16. Dare To Love A Spy by Debra Elizabeth
17. The General's Wife by Sara R. Turnquist
18. When A Marquis Chooses a Bride by Ella Quinn
19. Solitary Horseman by Deborah Camp
20. Miss Ridley & The Warlock by Diana Green
21. The Rivals Of Versailles by Sallie Christie
22. The Sword Of the Maiden by Kathleen C. Perrin
23. Secrets In The Stones by Tessa Harris
24. The Count's Lair by Stephanie Burkhart
25. Three Weeks to Wed by Ella Quinn

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