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Review & Giveaway: Unwanted Girl by M.K. Schiller

Unwanted Girl
by M.K. Schiller


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



When a man loves a woman

Recovering addict Nick Dorsey finds solace in his regimented life. That is until he meets Shyla Metha.  Something about the shy Indian beauty who delivers take-out to his Greenwich Village loft inspires the reclusive writer. And when Shyla reveals her desire to write a book of her own, he agrees to help her. The tale of a young Indian girl growing up against a landscape of brutal choices isn’t Nick’s usual territory, but something about the story, and the beautiful storyteller, draws him in deep.

Shyla is drawn to Nick, but she never imagines falling for him. Like Nick, Shyla hails from a village, too…a rural village in India. They have nothing in common, yet he makes her feel alive for the first time in her life. She is not ready for their journey to end, but the plans she’s made cannot be broken…not even by him. Can they find a way to rewrite the next chapter?

My Review:

It's a compelling, multifaceted and multicultural book. It captured my attention from beginning to the end. It 's touching, sad but hopeful.
Nick Dorsey is a successful author, his books sell very well but he has terrible writer's block. He needs new ideas, a compelling story to tell. His life changes completely ordering a sandwich. Hands it over to him a shy Indian girl, very sweet and beautiful. He's very fascinated by this girl and wants to know her better. Shyla is in New York to study, has a scholarship and wants to return home for help weak and defenseless people to have a better future. He begins to frequent her and discovers that she has a hidden dream: to write a book. He knows how to write it and she has a very interesting story to tell. This collaboration will help both to heal their wounds and bring to them even love. have a better future. He began to frequent it and discovers that it has a hidden dream: to write a book. He knows how to write and she has a very interesting story to tell. This collaboration will help both to heal their wounds and will bring to them even love.
It 's a story very moving and heartbreaking but it is worth to be read. The love story is original, different from the usual, between two opposite strong characters and full of problems. He is a former drug addict, very rich, accustomed to the best comfort. She grew up in a small Indian village, she is very familiar with the slums. The book tells a very widespread terrible practice. Indian families need the male heir, he shall take care of the parents when they are no longer self-sufficient. Instead the daughters are killed, because they cost only money, should give them the dowry, for those who can afford it.Otherwise they will remain dependent on their parents all their life. It 's really terrible to know that in 2015 there are still women, especially small and defenseless who have to suffer these atrocities.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a romance deep, intense and poignant with a particularly strong love story.



She shrugged. “The writing’s good, but I didn’t care for the characters.”

“Why not?”

“They felt one-dimensional. He comes across as a womanizing, self-indulgent fool.”

Nick arched his brow, his lips quirking into a grin. “He’s got his faults, but I wouldn’t describe him that way.”

“As bad as he was, though, the heroine was even worse. She seemed stupid and fake…almost vapid. She was always getting herself into trouble and falling into hot water.” Encouraged by his amused smile, she continued, “And I refer to hot water in the literal sense. The one I read, the girl was suspended from the ceiling over a pot of boiling water until Max Montero swooped in at the last minute.”

“It was acid, and he likes saving beautiful women from danger. What’s wrong with that?”

“She could have saved herself, or better yet, not gotten into the situation. And he…well, he could have been nicer to her in general.”

“Not every hero comes in a one-size-fits-all package, Shyla. Don’t hold back, though. Tell me what you really think.”

“Okay, I will. I can appreciate a different kind of hero, but I’d like one with a functioning set of scruples. In the scheme of things, these books don’t deserve shelf space with the others. They definitely fall into the dime store drivel category.”

“Ouch,” Nick said, pouring himself another drink. “I don’t think you understand the concept of sarcasm.”

She opened and shut her mouth as the realization hit her. “You were joking when you asked me to tell you what I really thought?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry about it.”

“So, what do you do for a living?” she asked, anxious to change the subject. It was possible she’d accidently insulted one of his favorite novelists.

“I’m an author.”

“Have you written anything I might have read?”

“The dime store drivel you’re holding.”

Uh oh.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I am a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. I have a full time life and two busy teenagers, but in the dark of night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, reading or writing, usually with some tasty Italian…the food that is!

I started imagining stories in my head at a very young age. In fact, I got so good at it that friends asked me to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. You’ve heard of fan fiction… this was friend fiction.

I hope you enjoy my stories and always find The Happily Ever After in every endeavor.

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  10. Such a sweet story especially in times that are so hard to be a woman.


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