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2016 New To You Reading Challenge

This challenge is about trying something new. A new author, a new genre, a new series, a debut book, etc. This is the second year that I am joining the New To You Reading Challenge. I ended 2015 with 24 points, so I will try to reach the "Going For a Swim" level this year with 50 books.  

Challenge Host: Herding Cats & Burning Soup
Dates of Challenge: January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016
What Counts
Any book over 80ish pages counts (please no short stories)
Books MUST be read in 2016
All book formats count!
Challenge cross overs count!
Anyone can join! If you don't have a blog you can use a dedicated shelf on Goodreads or similar.

There's a FB group for the challenge--join to get book suggestions, socialize and get event news!


Level 1 (Sunbathing): 6 books
Level 2 (Dipping the Toes): 12 books
Level 3 (Wading In): 25 books
Level 4 (Going for a Swim): 50 books
Level 5 (Diving In): 75 books
Level 6 (Cannon ball! ALL in!): 75+ books 

My Goal: Level 4 (Going for a Swim):
50 books 

1. Framed to Death by Christina Freeburn (new author and new series)
2. Better to Have Loved by Christy Nicholas (new author)
4.Finding Promise by Scarlett Dunn (new series)
5. The Highlander Who Loved Me by Adrienne Basso (new author)
6. Society's Most Scandalous Viscount by Annabelle Bryant (new series, new author)
7. The X Factor: Confession of a Naïve Fashion Model by Ivan Sivec ( new author)
9. Set Me Free by Jennifer Collin (new author, new series)
10. Grace After Storm by Sandy Sinnett (new author)
11. Enchantment of a Highlander by Madeline Martin ( new author)
12. When A Taker Dreams by J.A. Jackson (new author)
13. Evitable Destiny by Izabela Monick (new author)
14. Earning A Ring by Kristina Mathews (new author)
15. Loves Of Our Lives by A.C. Chenier (new author)
16. A Scone To Die For by H.Y. Hanna (new author)
17. A Bead In The Hand by Janice Peacock (new author)
18. Making Headlines by Jennifer Hansen (new author)
19. In Time For You by Chris Karlsen (new series)
20. Dearly Departed by Hy Conrad (new author)
21. Murder In White Sands by Marla Bradeen(new author)
22. Fatal Impulse by Lori L. Robinett (new author)
23. Falling For Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (new author)
24. Pure Temptation by Auria Jourdain (new series)
25. One More Night With You by Lisa Marie Perry (new series)
26. His Kind Of Cowgirl by Karen Rock (new author)
27. The Quirky Quiz Show Caper by Sally Carpenter (new author)
28. Wild Lavender by Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher(new author and new series)
29. A Geek Girl’s Guide to Arsenic by Julie Anne Lindsey (new series)
30.  Murder In An Irish Village by Carlene O'Connor (new author)
31. His Montana Rescue by Vella Munn (new author)
32. The To-Do List by Sharon Struth (new author)
33.  Fa-La-Llama-La by Stephanie Dagg (new author)
34. Crime and Catnip by T.C. LoTempio (new series)
35. Into The Void by Emma Stein (new author)
36.  Conquered by Paula Quinene (new author)
37. A Study In Temperance by Ichabod Temperance (new series)
38. A Killer Location by Sarah T. Hubard (new author)
39. The Ghostwriters by Mickey J. Corrigan (new author)
40. Mail Order Angel by Mandy Colton (new author)
41. A Killer's Grace by Ronald Chapman (new author)
42. The Second Man by Emelle Gamble (new author)
43. Fortune Favors The Witch by Ani Gonzalez (new series)
44. Fallen Star by Allison Morse (new author)
45. Death At First Sight by Lena Gregory (new author)
46. The Good, The Band and The Guacamole by Rebecca Adler (new author and new series)
47. Body On The Bayou by Ellen Byron (new author and new series)
48. The Woman He Married by Julie N. Ford (new author)
49. Dare To Love A Spy by Debra Elizabeth (new author)
50. Beautiful Secret by Dana Faletti (new author)

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