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Review & Giveaway: A Separate Heaven by Alex Disanti

A Separate Heaven
by Alex Disanti


GENRE: Fiction/Romance



Step into a world of riveting drama.  Enter A Separate Heaven, a story comprised of power, wealth, and romance, multifaceted characters, and complex relationships.  A novel by Alex Disanti.  From Long Island to the shores of the Mediterranean, this exciting series spanning twenty five years in the lives of the Gianelli and Hamilton families will hold you spellbound.

My Review Book One:

It's a family saga full of suspense: corruption, intrigue, secrets, relationships with Mafia are intertwined with a passional love story.
Dominic Gianelli and Paige Hamilton meet for the first time for a business meeting. She is fascinated by his beauty and his grandeur, he was also impressed by her ability as analyst despite being so young. The age difference doesn't prevent a nascent love story between them.

With a plethora of complex characters, a riveting plot and well written story this is an amazing book to get lost in. There are so many twists, mysteries and secrets that it captured my attention from beginning to the end


My Review Book Two:

This is the second book in this series set in the 80s, in total should be seven.
Gianelli family is in Salerno, Italy. It 's a business trip for Dominic but decides to bring Paige with him. So sche can meet his uncle and Sophia that may reveal some secrets concerning her husband, she can understand what made him so tough and ruthless.
This story was well written, the plot was well thought out, the characters were well developed and the dialogue was well constructed. This fast-paced romantic-thriller  will keep you guessing until the end.


My Review Book Three:

This third book is even more exciting and full of suspense of others. The story pulled me in from the beginning and I was definitely hooked.
Dominic and Paige are increasingly in love, she has now learned that her man so romantic hides a very dark side. But also in her family there are secrets and betrayals, her brother Paul ends up putting Gianelli family in serious danger.
This book is very well written with strong character development, a plot with twists and turns that were unexpected.
I can not wait to read the fourth book in the series, I am eagerly waiting to see what will be next for Dominic and Paige.



Excerpt from Book One

On October 2, 1980, Dominic Gianelli entered the offices of Carson, Wiehls and Fullerton. A client for only weeks now, his arrival caused a flurry of activity among the staff.  Even the most experienced members of the investment firm were on edge. Henry Carson, owner and senior partner, was nervous and unsettled, completely out of character for him, but this was no ordinary client.

Gianelli was an enigma, recognized internationally in the business world and his accumulated assets were reported to be prodigious. Little else was known about him, although his penchant for two things, accuracy and privacy, had been evinced at their first meeting.  He seemed to have come on the scene quickly, yet his profile revealed more than twenty years of steady, well-planned acquisitions and disposals.  With as many European contacts as domestic, he was well respected here in New York.  After all, one did not ignore this kind of wealth and, therefore, power.

He was a big man, six-feet, three inches in height, 270 pounds. Immaculately groomed, he had brown eyes and short, dark, slightly thinning hair combed back from his forehead.  He seemed, by nature, a rather quiet man with low tolerance for the frivolous or inept.  He had an air of confidence that was not lost on those who met him.  Gianelli was a man comfortable with himself. When he entered a room, he owned it, and he knew it.

Excerpt  from Book Two

As Paige reached the arched entryway, she hurried inside to a stall and locked the door.  Her heart was pounding.  She was fearful and didn't know why.  Those men, they had to be following her. Otherwise, why wouldn't they have gone into the men's room?  

A woman who was freshening her lipstick when Paige came in had now departed, and she supposed she was alone, but she was afraid to leave the safety of the enclosure to see.  She waited for several minutes, hoping others would come in and offer her an opportunity to exit in their company, but the area remained empty and silent.  Finally, she took a deep breath and walked out into the corridor.

They were there, on either side of the hallway, one standing perhaps fifteen feet from the other.  Keeping her head up and trying not to hurry, Paige smiled and gave a slight nod when the first man said hello.  The second man, though, stepped into her path, blocking her way.

"Mrs. Gianelli. We'd like a word with you."  He didn't smile and his tone was ominous, not at all cordial.

With a self-assurance she did not really feel, she spoke to them, her voice clear, direct.  "I'm sorry.  I don't believe I know you."

The second man, a hat pulled low on his forehead, gave out what could only be described as a snort. "We need to speak to your husband.  We know he's here, or at least he was earlier, but we can't seem to locate him now."

She was silent, trying to assess the situation.  Who were these men?

Excerpt from Book Three

Later, his sister would tell him, it all happened so quickly and it all seemed to happen at once.  She was putting Dax in his safety seat when she looked up and saw the gun wedged against Vincente’s neck.  At that moment, there was a stifled little cry from Paige and the last Isabella saw of her she was being wrested into the car parked beside them, another limousine, this one black.  Within seconds, the car had backed out and sped away. 

The man in a driver’s uniform, the cap pulled low on his forehead, still held the gun on Vincente and told Isabella, “Be very quiet. Tend to the child and no one will be harmed.  Someone will contact your brother.  After I leave, wait five minutes.  Do you understand?  Do not get out of the car and do not talk to anyone for five minutes, then you can be on your way.  Answer me, both of you.  Do you understand?”

In a whisper, “Yes, yes, we do.”  And Vincente nodded.  The man left then.

Dax was tired and was fussing. With trembling hands, Isabella found his bottle, gave it to him and the toddler leaned his head back and happily chugged at the apple juice.

She leaned forward, touching the driver’s shoulder.  “Vincente, are you all right?” 

His face was gray, but he was calm and had not lost his composure. “Close the doors.  I have to get you and the boy back to the house immediately.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Alex Disanti lives in the Texas Hill Country.  While writing has been a lifelong love for her, A Separate Heaven is her first novel.  Early works were mainly poetry and short stories.  As A Separate Heaven progressed from thought to paper, friends and family began reading the manuscript.  Then, in an effort to test the marketability of the material, she enlisted the aid of what she calls her “test readers.”  These readers vary in age, occupation and background.  It simply grew from there.  Alex’s rich detail brought the characters to life, and the ensuing chapters could not come quickly enough for her readers.




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