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Review & Giveaway: Finding Promise by Scarlett Dunn

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The McBride Brothers #2
Scarlett Dunn
Released Dec 29th, 2015
Kensington: Zebra

A trail of danger and dreams…

She may be an heiress, but Parker Promise Sinclair cares more about living an adventurous life than snaring a suitable husband. So it’s no surprise when she joins a Wyoming wagon trail—only to survive a massacre that leaves her with no memory, a target on her back—and her abiding faith tested by the only man who can possibly protect her.

His gunfighting skills and trail savvy have saved U.S. Marshal Jake McBride more times than he can count. And his instincts tell him the only way to keep Promise alive is to take her along on his high-stakes cattle drive. But she soon proves she can ride and shoot with the best of them—and Jake finds it increasingly difficult to keep himself from falling for her. Soon, with danger closing in, they'll have only one chance to face their doubts, their fears—and their growing love…

My Review

It 's a novel clean, romantic but full of adventure and suspense with an amazing heroine and brave a cowboy
Jack is retired US Marshall and was away from home for many years. With his men is carrying a large herd, he wants to reach his brother and work together at the ranch. He is faced with a scary scene: a caravan is attacked and and travelers are all dead, the only survivor is a really nice girl. Jack rescues and brings in his camp. The woman remains unconscious for a few days but when she wakes up he discovers that she has lost her memory. The little that Jack knows about her, he has discovered reading her travel diary. Promise feels that she can trust this man so generous, sweet and loyal and entrusted to him her life. She is in danger and the only way to save her is to take her with them to Promise, his  brother's ranch. Between Jack and Promise there is a strong attraction but he is so determined to hide it and walks away from her more and more. Will they build a family or will divide forever?
Promise is a very beautiful woman but very unique: is able to shoot, loves to ride and preferred to paint rather than go to dances. She's a really lovable characters, I love her. At the beginning I also loved  Jack, was a brave and loyal man but when her persisted in hiding his feelings for Promise was almost unbearable.
This is the second book in this series although I have not read book 1, it in no way disrupted my enjoyment of this book.
I recommend it if you love clean romantic stories with cowboys and brave women. .
I received an advance copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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Scarlett Dunn lives in Kentucky surrounded by all manner of wildlife, and enjoys long "God walks" where most inspiration strikes. Possessing an adventurous spirit, and a love of history, particularly the pioneers of the West, she has a special place in her heart for all cowboys, past and present. Readers can visit her website:

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