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Review: A Shameless Angel by Elizabeth Cole

Title: A Shameless Angel
Author: Elizabeth Cole
Series: Secrets of the Zodiac #3
Publish Date: September 23, 2014

Pages: 396
Genre: Historical fiction, Romantic Suspance

From Goodreads: 

A courageous codebreaker, a gentleman with a score to settle, and a past that refuses to stay hidden…

Sarah Brecknell has always had an unusual obsession with numbers. After the unfortunate death of her fiancé, she’s lost her place in society, and her gift has left her alone with a dangerous secret. Sarah must turn to a complete stranger for help—a secret agent in service to the Crown. She has already made one mistake in love. She can’t afford another.

Theodore Markham has plenty of secrets of his own, not least of which his occupation as a spy. Now he is hunting for a traitor. This time is different, though—the rogue was his best friend. The trail goes cold until he meets Sarah, a woman with extraordinary mathematical talents…and an irresistible charm that may be even more dangerous than his adversary.

A Shameless Angel is the third book in the Secrets of the Zodiac, a series that blends romantic suspense with the rich background of the Regency period.

My review

A few months ago I read the second book in the series (A Reckless Soul) and I was looking forward to read more. The books in the series can be read as a standalone.
Charlie and Sarah are engaged and are getting married. But he died for a trivial incident at least apparently. But Charlie is a member of Zodiac. Sarah knows the true activities of her boyfriend and is threatened: she must deliver certain documents of which she is unaware. Sarah scared addresses Theodore: he is a friend of Charlie and is part of the Zodiac. The two young people begin to explore together: Sarah must decipher the notes in the code of the former boyfriend and Theodore go around looking for witnesses. Working alongside become more accomplices and increasingly attracted to each other. Theodore, however, is engaged and is very torn between his feelings and sense of honor and respect towards his girlfriend. Sarah discovers that Charlie is not the wonderful guy that believed, betrayed her and the Zodiac. Will they find the documents and to find out the truth about the death of Charlie? Will give up their love or will prevail sense of honor?

It 's an adventure book, very romantic and compelling. to solve the mystery keeps vigilant throughout the book. The two main characters are well defined and realistic. Sarah is a strong and intelligent woman, hates life in society and enjoys reading, Theodore is a true gentleman and a great secret agent. Their relationship is very sweet
To read for those who love romantic suspense.

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.


About the Author

Elizabeth Cole is a romance author with a penchant for history, which is why she lives in an old house in an old city. She can be found hanging around libraries and archives, or curled in a corner reading, cat on lap. She believes in love at first sight. Then again, she also believes that mac 'n' cheese is a healthy breakfast, so don't trust her judgment on everything. 

Elizabeth loves hearing from readers. Connect with her

Twitter: @coleheartedgirl

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