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Review: Les Misérables by SunNeko Lee, Crystal Silvermoon, Stacy King

Les Misérables
Series: Manga Classics
by SunNeko Lee, Crystal Silvermoon, Stacy King  
Published by Udon Entertainment on August 19, 2014 
Genres: Classic, Manga

Pages: 416
Format: eBook 
Source: Net Galley 

Summary From Goodreads
Adapted for stage and screen, loved by millions, Victor Hugo's classic novel of love and tragedy set in 19th century France is reborn in this fantastic new manga edition! Gorgeous and expressive art brigns to life the unforgettable stories of Jean Valjean, Inspector Javert, and the tragic Fantine in this epic adaptation of Les Misérables!

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My Review

This is the second manga I read of this series, of course I read Pride & Prejudice, I could not miss it. And I can not wait to read the other ....
I can not say how much it differs from the original because unfortunately I never read in its entirety: I believe that the historical part of the uprisings in Paris and the situation of France at that time is very small compared to the book, takes up only few pages. And also the story of Fantine is greatly reduced. The plot, however, is clear and straightforward, and very addictive.
For those unfamiliar with the work of Hugo is the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict who passes all his life to escape from Inspector Javert. Along his escape meets the poor Fantine, a girl really unfortunate. She has had an illegitimate child, Cosette. All the villagers avoid her no one allows her to work. She entrusts her daughter to a family thinking that would have taken care of her with love while she goes in search of a job to keep her. Unfortunately she is also fired from her new job as soon as they discover the existence of her daughter. Even worse, those who deal with Cosette are real exploiters. They make her believe that her child is sick, needs expensive drugs or she will die. Fantine sells her precious hair but not enough, so she is forced into prostitution. When she meets Jean Valjean is dying and asks him to let her see her daughter one last time but did not have time. Jean Valjean will find Cosette and will grow her as only a loving father can do.
The drawings are well done, perfectly able to convey the emotions of the characters: in the first part, we perceive the great suffering of Fantine, we are there with her to struggle and  really does break the heart  to see her alone and derided by all. The only flaw is the character of Cosette: its drawing remains almost unchanged with the passage of age.

I definitely recommend it to young people who approach for the first time to this classic but it's good for everyone.

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