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Book Blitz & Giveaway: A Stunning Accusation by Sarahbeth Caplin

A Stunning Accusation
By- Sarahbeth Caplin
Genre- New Adult/Romance/Women’s Fiction
Publication Date- July 6th, 2015

Adelaide Scott is a 25-year-old relationship advice columnist for Stunning! Magazine. Her new boyfriend, Jordan Johnson, is a renowned photographer for Sports Unlimited. Their relationship seems perfect, until his ex-girlfriend confronts them at a bar – and accuses Jordan of raping her, turning their world upside down.

It doesn’t help that her best friend and editor, Kiersten Sharp, sees rape as a black-and-white issue, with no shades of doubt. Addie is about to discover that the truth – in all its forms – is complicated, and not at all what she expects.


“So I met with another one of Jordan’s exes today.”
“Oh, that’s right. So is JJ still not a rapist?”
Talk about a loaded question. Holding my wine glass by the stem, I spin it on my knee, contemplating how to answer. “Long story short, he tried some kinky things she didn’t like, so she asked him to stop, and he likened it to a second-grader pulling a girl’s hair to tell her he likes her.”
Kiersten’s eyes bulged as she held her glass close to her lips, as if anticipating shocking news that would require an emergency pump of alcohol to face. “That’s it?”
“Uh, yup. That’s what she said.”
That’s what she said. Ha, ha.
“Wow.” Kiersten sets the glass roughly on the table, causing the Merlot inside to vehemently swish. “Jordan’s dated some pretty weird women, if that’s their definition of assault.”
“Well remember, they weren’t the ones who accused him. Only Samantha did.”
“Right. Why don’t you just forget the whole ‘interview’ thing and get the information you want straight from the horse’s mouth? Quit wasting your time with his exes and just talk to Samantha already.”
I had considered doing that. Funny how Jordan didn’t recommend I do that in the first place. Unless she’s just too volatile, too fragile to confront. Not to mention, I could never use a fake identity with her. She’d know exactly who I am and what I’d want from her.
“Maybe I will later,” I say. “This is still worthwhile, though. I’m too intrigued to give up now, especially when there are still two more names left. I’m halfway done already.”
Kier shakes her head. “Allow me to give you my unsolicited opinion, since I’m your best friend. You aren’t getting anything useful from them. At all. They sound like lonely, jilted women who saw an opportunity to dress up the story of their failed relationships to get sympathy, and you know what? It’s working. Don’t you see? Maybe they’ve seen through your little charade and are just playing you.”
“I don’t think that’s what–”
“They’re cobbling together stories to put doubts in your head so you’ll dump Jordan! That’s what they want! They hate him for not wanting to get serious, so this is their payback. Not the best kind that I’ve seen, but still ruthless in its own way.”
“And what could they possibly have to gain from this? Wouldn’t falsely accusing someone only come back to bite them in the ass?”
Kiersten seems to consider this. “You would think. But who says Jordan dates smart women?”
It only took a few seconds to realize her mistake. “Oh, shit, Addie, I didn’t mean…”
“You meant to say that Jordan only dated bimbos before he met me,” I clarify for her. “Thanks to me he’s raising his standards.”
“Exactly what I meant. Cheers?”
We clink our glasses.

About the Author-
Sarahbeth Caplin is the author of three novels and a memoir, Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, which ranked #51 in Amazon’s top 100 books on personal growth in May 2015. She lives in Colorado with her husband and kittens, and is working on an MFA in Creative Writing at Colorado State.


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  1. I'd find it hard to trust the word of an ex! Sounds like a great read.


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