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Review: A Reckless Soul by Elizabeth Cole

Title: A Reckless Soul
Author: Elizabeth Cole
Publish Date: April 8, 2014

From Goodreads: 
A seductive agent, a disillusioned lord, and a web of deceit only they can untangle... Sophie Bertrand is skilled in acting, espionage, and the subtle art of seduction. An independent spirit, she fought her way from rough streets to the top secret circle of spies known as the Zodiac. Her newest assignment is one of her most delicate yet: hunt down a traitor within Britain's own government. But there's a catch...this time she can't work alone. Bruce Allander has a title, honor, wealth...but he'd trade it all to restore his family. The Zodiac gives him a chance for justice in a world that's already taken too much from him. Now he finds himself close to this captivating Frenchwoman-possibly too close. Sophie defies all his expectations, yet in her he senses a kindred soul. Passion draws the two together, but a web of betrayals threatens to tear them apart. To survive, they have to trust each other. They have to be a little reckless... "A Reckless Soul" is the second book in the Secrets of the Zodiac, a series that blends romantic suspense with the rich background of the Regency period..

My review

It 's a romantic suspense romance set in the early nineteenth century. 
Sophie works as a spy for an association called the Zodiac. She likes to work alone and is very good in recovering useful information seducing men. Bruce, another component, is a viscount but is not afraid to get his hands dirty, he likes to work alone too. Aries, their leader, gives them a mission to play together: the two are opposed at first, then understand that the success of the operation need each other. 
It 's a book full of twists and adventure, it's really well written, sliding with a fast pace and compelling

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.


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