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Review: “Winter’s Embrace” by Kathleen Ball

Western Romance

Published: April 29, 2014

Ten years ago Winter’s heart was broken beyond repair by Stone McCoy. Now she is a travel agent ready to lead an Alaskan Cruise and to her surprise Stone McCoy is on her tour.  A long ago phone call shattered her trust and her self-confidence. She never planned to see Stone again.

While at college, Stone McCoy woke up, after a fraternity party, to find a girl in his bed. Weeks later she told him she’s pregnant. Calling Winter to break things off was the worst night of his life. Now he’s hoping for a second chance at happiness.

The chemistry is electrifying but old issues lead these two on a merry chase. Can they put old hurts aside and begin again? Join Rancher Stone McCoy and Winter Gavin as they try to find happiness from Alaska to Texas and finally on his Montana Ranch.

Ten years ago Rancher Stone McCoy broke Winter Gavin’s heart. Now he turns up hoping for another chance. Will one too many surprises shy Winter away?

My review

Winter is a travel agent and during a cruise in Alaska meets her one great love Stone. He had left her ten years ago without an explanation. Stone now is part of the tour because it was decided to have a second chance with Winter. Will he win her back?
The author has written a truly engaging story, once started is hard to leave. She created characters very realistic. Winter is a wounded woman but still in love with fighting their own feelings. Stone is a divorced man who lives ina ranch in Montana with a child to grow and is very frustrated when his attempts to conquer the former are hampered by Mimi, a really unberable woman. Are well characterized even the minor characters, like the other participants in the cruise. 

This is the third book in the series Cowboy Seasons and I hope to soon be able to read the first two books.


 Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction  Writers
 (guest post by the author)
Know the rules of your genre especially point of view rules. Some Genres are better in first person- romance is generally written in the third person. Also big issues are head hopping and telling vs showing. They are big buzzwords with publishers, and they can be make or break problems. There is a ton of info on the internet about both.

Start you network as soon as possible. I noticed a few publishers asking about your website and marketing plan along with your submission. Your website, facebook, goodreads, and twitter are your marketing plan. Make accounts and start following people, friending people, retweeting tweets. This is a long process so take it slow. I had to retweet for a year before someone retweeted me. You will also want to create an author/fan page on Facebook. One thing to remember is quality is better than quantity- you want the people in your network to actually like your genre, or have an interest in you. Otherwise, your posts, tweets etc. go to empty air and won’t be read. Facebook is only sharing your posts to 7-10% of your followers. Make the followers count.

Surround yourself with other authors at your level. People you can exchange information and ideas. These will be the people you will need to share your posts, exchange blog posts with and will be there when that first bad review comes in.

You have to give to receive in the author world and you have to work hard. There are no short cuts. Do not like a page and insist the page owner like you back. Do not expect others to answer all your questions. Do your research and share what you find with other aspiring authors. Please don’t ask authors to read, edit or get you published. The author community can be very small and word gets around. Authors have worked for years to gain every like, friend and follower. It takes patience so start early.
If you have questions about a publisher please ask any author before signing anything. There are too many places willing to take advantage of your desire to be published. You do not pay to be published. These are vanity publishers and in many cases, they will take your payment, never edit your book and put it on amazon for a higher price than other books. Publishers and Self-published authors can reach the same distributors, the vanity presses claim they can get your book to, for free.

Please do your research once signed they have the rights to your book and no one can help you. So, build your network, make friends with other aspiring authors and do your research. You’ll get there and the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful.

Kathleen Ball

Sexy Cowboys and the women that love them...Finalist in the 2012 RONE Awards. Top pick, 5 star series from the Romance Review. Kathleen Ball writes contemporary western romance with great emotion and memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists including Amazon's Best Sellers List. There's something about a cowboy.
Dawson Ranch Series--- Alice's Story, Texas Haven, Ryelee's Cowboy
Lasso Springs Series- - Callie's Heart, Lone Star Joy and Stetson's Storm
Cowboy Season's Series -- Summer's Desire, Autumn's Hope, Winter’s Embrace
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