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2020 Reading Challenge

Hosted by Linz the Bookworm

This challenge is actually several challenges in one. The way it is designed is that you work through one level and then move on to the next. It's comprised of five different challenges of 12 books each, or 60 books total. We tried to arrange it in a way that shows what we thought would be the easiest in the first few levels, and then gradually gets harder. We also wanted to spread it out a bit, so the same types of challenges aren't in each level. 

1.) Read a book with a title that starts with a "W"
2.) A book you got for under $3
3.) A book with a blue cover
4.) Read a book by your favorite author
5.) A book with the word "Light" in the title
6.) A book that is set in the future
7.) A book from Project Gutenberg (
8.) Read a book of short stories or a novella
9.) Read a book you've had on your "to be read" shelf for more than a year
10.) Read a book that takes place in winter
11.) Reread a book you have recommended to a friend
12.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 1 thoughts:  We always try to make level 1 pretty easy. It's a good motivator for moving on to the rest of the challenge. For those of you who are audio reads, I think Gutenberg has audiobooks as well as e-books. I'm already formulating what to read in this one. The favorite author might be difficult for me because I don't know that I've formally declared one.

13.) A book under 400 pages
14.) Read a book by Julie Garwood
15.) Read a classic fairy tale
16.) Read a retelling of the classic fairy tale
17.) Read a suspense or horror book
18.) A book you got for free (gift, found or book exchange)
19.) Read a book with a building on the cover
20.) Read a historical fiction from the World War II-era
21.) Read a book that was turned into a movie or tv show
22.) A book by an author named James/Jim or a variant
23.) Read a book recommended on your local library's website
24.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 2 thoughts: I feel like level 2 is going to be one of my favorites. I'm really excited about the linking of #16 and #17. There are some formats that we always try to use, but change ever so slightly. We also try to move them around on tiers if possible. I feel like the movie/tv show one is always a good one because there's a lot of crossovers.

25.) A book with the word "book" in the title
26.) Read an urban fantasy novel
27.) A book published in 2000
28.) A book recommended to you by a friend
29.) Read an author's debut novel
30.) Read a book from the BBC's list of Top 100 Books You Must Read Before You Die (here)
31.) Read a book that is over 600 pages
32.) Read a book by Isaac Asimov
33.) Read a book with the word 'Star' in the title
34.) Read a book about a historical figure (fiction or non-fiction)
35.) Read a book about an assassin
36.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 3 thoughts: This is about where I'm realizing that I didn't proofread the list before turning it into a PDF. Sorry. I'd fix it but I'm lazy. Tress has a different PDF version on her blog that's been checked. #26 is totally a spot so that Tress and I don't have to burn a Free Space, I think. Let's be honest, #31 will probably be my yearly read a book in the Outlander series.

37.) Book 1 of a Trilogy
38.) Book 2 of a Trilogy
39.) Book 3 of a Trilogy
40.) Read a book fro NPR's favorite books of 2019 (here)
41.) Read a novel by an author using a pseudonym
42.) Read a graphic novel
43.) A book with a season in the title
44.) Read a book with exactly four words in the title
45.) Read a book about a writer (real or fictional)
46.) Read a book with a title that rhymes
47.) A book by an author named Elizabeth/Beth or a variant
48.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 4 thoughts: I'm pretty excited about this level as well. There's a lot of books on the list for #40 that I've been wanting to read all year. 41 should be interesting.

49.) Read a motivational/inspirational book
50.) Read a book with two or more authors
51.) Read a book by John Creasey
52.) Read a book published in 1980
53.) Read a "rags to riches" story
54.) Read a book with an occupation in the title
55.) Read a book about travel or that involves travel
56.) A book that takes place in outer space/another planet
57.) Read a book that starts with the letter J
58.) Read a book that takes place in the Middle East or is inspired by Middle Eastern Culture
59.) Read a book about a video game or virtual reality
60.) Free Space- Pick any book!

Level 5/final thoughts- I've got a handful of things in mind for level 5. I still haven't decided if I'm going to go at this randomly or by level. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the challenge and I think it has some good staples as well as a variety. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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