domenica 27 gennaio 2019

Memoir Reading Challenge 2019

Read a minimum of 5 books from the categories

Here are the categories:
 _Mental Illness Memoir
_Other Illness Memoir
 _Political Memoir
_Food Memoir
_Animal Memoir
 _Music Memoir
_Travel Memoir
 _Written by a person of color
 _Written by a woman
_Written by a person who identifies as LGBTQIA
_Written by an actor or a comedian
_Written by an author or journalist
_Written by any other celebrit
y _Written by someone under 40
_Written by someone over 40
_Written by someone from a country different from your own
 _Memoir of high school or college events
_One you find thought-provoking
_Made into a movie
 _Graphic Novel memoir
_Bestselling memoir
_Humorous memoir
_Fictional memoir
 _Published in 2019
 _Published in 2018 or earlier
 _Under 300 pages
 _One you want to re-read
 _Subject of your choice
_Author of your choice
_Free choice
_Free choice
_Free choice

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