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Review: Love, Lies and Lemon Cake by Sue Watson (Amori, bugie e dolci al limone)

Love, Lies and Lemon Cake
by Sue Watson
Published by Bookouture on June 27th, 2014 

Genres:  Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit
Pages: 304
Format: eBook, Paperback 
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Summary From Goodreads
Faye Dobson has lost her sparkle. Living on film star fantasies and vague memories of a marriage that once was, she can’t help feeling that life is passing her by. She dreams of being whisked to Paris for dinner, making three wishes at the Trevi fountain and having sex under the stars. But the wrinkles are multiplying, her husband’s passion is for plumbing, and the nearest she’ll get to Rome is a take-away pizza. So when Faye meets Dan the gorgeous Australian surfer guy working in the local deli she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to see the world. He is blonde, tanned, ten years younger and bakes the most amazing lemon cake. Unlike her husband Dan actually listens to Faye, his smile makes her feel fizzy inside, and when he smiles... Oh. My. God. But is Faye being silly? What would Dan see in someone like her? Even if he did have feelings for her, could she give everything up to be with him? A laugh-out-loud, bittersweet comedy about taking your life back before it’s too late. 

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My Review
E' stata una lettura frizzante, divertente con protagonista una donna matura che decide di prendere in mano la sua vita ormai diventata una noiosa routine 
Faye lavora come parrucchiera. Ha un marito e una figlia grande che ha già lasciato casa per studiare al college. Il suo matrimonio è ormai finito, lei e il marito non si parlano quasi più, le uniche cose che li tengono ancora uniti è la figlia e la paura di cambiare. Quando era ancora una studentessa Faye aveva mille sogni e mille desideri, aveva fatto anche una lista di cose da fare prima dei trentanni (vedere un tramonto a Santorini, fare l'amore in un prato...), purtroppo non è riuscita a farne neanche una. E' rimasta incinta e ha rinunciato alla carriera ma anche alla sua vitalità. E' ancora giovane, non può solo sopravvivere e finalmente trova il coraggio per uscire da questa situazione. Va a vivere da una sua amica e conosce un ragazzo australiano affascinante che prepara dei dolci davvero fantastici. Lui è più giovane di lei ma perchè non provare, anche se durerà solo qualche mese? Lui la aiuterà a realizzare diversi punti della sua lista.
Faye è una donna timida  e molto insicura, a volte è davvero imbranata e si caccia in situazioni molto imbarazzanti. Ma la sua relazione con Dan le da molta fiducia e la fa sentire di nuovo amata  e attraente. 
E' stata una lettura veloce, molto scorrevole, scritta con uno stile semplice e ricco di humor e ironia.
Lo consiglio a chi ama i Chick Lit e la Grecia, ci sono delle descrizioni di paesaggi così affascinanti che fanno davvero venire voglia di fare la valigia.

It was a sparkling, amusing reading starring a mature woman who decides to take over her life, which has now become a boring routine
Faye works as a hairdresser. She has a husband and a daughter who has already left home to study in college. Her marriage is now over, she and her husband don't talk to each other any more, the only things that still keep them together is their daughter and the fear of change. When she was still a student Faye had a thousand dreams and a thousand wishes, she had also made a list of things to do before the age of thirty (see a sunset in Santorini, make love in a meadow ...), unfortunately she couldn't do just one of them. She became pregnant and gave up her career but also her vitality. She is still young, she can not only survive and finally finds the courage to get out of this situation. She goes to live with one of her friend and knows a charming Australian boy who prepares really fantastic desserts. He is younger than her but why not try, even if it will last only a few months? He will help her make several points on her list.
Faye is a shy and very insecure woman, sometimes she's really clumsy and hunts in embarrassing situations. But her relationship with Dan gives her much confidence and makes her feel again loved and attractive.
It was a quick and flowing reading, written with a simple style full of humor and irony.
I recommend it to those who love Chick Lit and Greece, there are descriptions of such fascinating landscapes that really make you want to pack.


Sue Watson was a TV Producer with the BBC who combined motherhood and family life with a busy career. However, one day it dawned on Sue that Cosmo magazine may have been telling porkies about 'having it all,' and her life had become a slightly crazed juggling act. 

So after much soul searching (and comfort eating) Sue abandoned her TV career, bought a pink laptop and wrote a novel. 'Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes,' tells the story of Stella Weston, whose life is a constant struggle with a nasty boss at work, the weighing scales and being a mum, wife and daughter. 

Originally from Manchester, Sue now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire. When she's not toiling over her latest novel, Sue bakes (and eats) cake and enjoys very large tubs of Caramel Chew Chew ice cream all to herself while watching 'The Biggest Loser USA.' 

Sue's second book, 'Younger, Thinner, Blonder' was released in October (2013) and her third book 'Love, Lies and Lemon Cake' is released on June 27th 2014.

Twitter @suewatsonwriter 

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