sabato 3 febbraio 2018

The Series That Never.. Ends Challenge 2018


You know what I am talking about…
those long series everyone raves about, but you have fallen behind.
Maybe you have read a few.
Maybe the author writes faster than superman.
Maybe you never heard about it until the series went viral.
Yeah, that series that has been hanging a noose around you neck …
getting tighter and tighter.
Now you can be the heroine/hero on Social Media
talking about the latest and greatest book that has come out and save everyone’s day!
Sign up here


Level One – 5-9 books – Surviving the Book Tsunami
Level Two – 10-15 books – Removing the Thorn From My Side
Level Three – 15 books or more – Goddess of Reading the Never Ending Series


* The minimum goal is 5 books.
* The books have to be in the same series and by the same author(s).
* Only romance series are accepted. Any sub-genre of romance accepted.
* Sign up between December 1, 2017- December 31, 2018.
My goal is to read:
Level One - 5 - 9 books Surviving the book Tsunami

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