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Review & Giveaway:Second Chance Marquess by Jessica Jefferson

Second Chance Marquess
by Jessica Jefferson


GENRE: Historical Romance



When Wilhemina Turner’s younger sister runs off with a young Lothario, she has no choice but to turn to the notorious rake who broke his promise and her heart, for assistance. George Bartlett, the Marquess of Chesterton, hasn’t forgotten the woman who hurt him so many years ago, but can’t deny her request, knowing that his brother’s reputation, and fortune, is at risk. A series of misfortunes leave the straight-laced widow and committed bachelor stranded, sharing both close quarters and old secrets. But when morning comes, will this unlikely pair find a second chance at love?


My Review:

It's a very entertaining and intriguing Regency, I'm happy  that is the first book of a new series, I'm looking forward to reading the next books.
An escape of love between his brother and her sister obliges Wilhelmina and George to make a long journey together. George accuses Wilhelmina's sister of being interested only in his brother's money but she knows her sister is silly and naive but not an opportunist. They went close to getting married ten years earlier and were both with broken hearts. She is now a young widow while he is a marquis who has had many adventures. Is there still a chance for their love?
Willie is very strong, generous, willing to make huge sacrifices to make her sister happy as living with her hated aunt, the one that had previously separated her from George. He is really in love with her and tries to make her understand it in every ways. I loved their dialogues and especially their small and keep quarrels.
It was a quick and engaging reading, well-written and flowing, another delightful story by Jessica Jefferson.
If you love Regency or second chance romances this book is to read



“A servant from the kitchen and your sister’s maid? My innocence is being compromised because of the claim of the help?” He balked.
“Their word is just as worthy as anyone else’s. She described the seal on your coach perfectly. That’s how I knew it was you.” She should have been shocked, hurt, even devastated at the notion of Lord Chesterton seducing a member of her own family, but she wasn’t. He’d always operated under a different moral code than the rest of Society, showing a blatant disregard for propriety as well as indifference to anyone’s feelings but his own. His lack of remorse was a testament to his guile and legendary depravity.
All she cared about was getting her sister back, preferably with both her reputation and virginity intact. Though she’d be willing to forgo the latter for the former seeing that it was nearly impossible to fake an intact reputation.
He combed his hand through his already mussed hair. “This woman actually saw me speaking with your sister?”
“Not you exactly. But she saw Kitty board your carriage.”
My carriage?” He repeated. “Well, that’s hardly the same thing…” His voice trailed off as he rubbed his chin. “In the park you say?”
“And just when did she say she saw me?”
“Yesterday afternoon.”
“And what exactly is your sister’s name?”
“Miss Kitty Marks.”
“Miss Katherine Marks?” he clarified.
“Yes, that’s her!” She answered, annoyed that the conversation had carried on this long. “Now do you remember?”
The man took her by the shoulders and pushed her aside, walking straight past her in a bee-line down the hall.
“Don’t walk away from me!” she called after him, her skin burning underneath her gown in the places his hands had touched her. “What about Kitty?”
She chased after him, following him into a study where she found him pouring a generous tumbler of brandy. He promptly downed the amber liquid and refilled his glass.
“Mrs. Turner, I’m afraid I may know where your sister is.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jessica Jefferson makes her home in Almost-Chicago with her husband, two young daughters, French bulldog Lulu, and English bulldog Pete.  When she's not busy trying to find middle-ground between being a modern career woman and Suzy-Homemaker, she loves to watch "Real Housewives of [insert city here]" and performing unnecessary improvements to her home and property.

Jessica writes Regency-era historical romance with a modern twist where she invites her readers to fall in love with romance again.

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