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Review & Giveaway: A Cunning Plan by Astrid Arditi

A Cunning Plan
by Astrid Arditi


GENRE: Romantic suspense



Determined to put her family back together, Sloane Harper stalks her ex husband and his annoyingly stunning mistress, Kate Stappleton. But she’s not the only one.
Handsome IRS agent Ethan Cunning is surveying Kate too, but for entirely different reasons. He is attempting to nail Kate’s playboy boss.
Ethan and Sloane decide to help each other, which sends Sloane’s wobbly life spinning out of control. She’ll have to face danger, humiliation, and – scariest of all – the dating scene, to lure her daughters’ father home.
Losing control was the best thing to happen to Sloane…until it turned lethal.


My Review:

Great debut for this author, this romance is funny, full of humor and with a little of action and espionage.
Sloane doesn't accept the end of her marriage: Tom was a good husband, they have two wonderful daughters and can't finish because of a woman, Kate. To recover her husband she decides to stalkerare Kate making true stakeouts under her house. But Kate is also spied by IRS agent Ethan Cunning: he actually wants to fit her boss, Gabriel. Ethan and Sloane agree to work together to get both what they want but can be very dangerous.
I liked Sloane, she wants her perfect family and is willing to do anything to get it back. Ethan is really sexy and charming, hard to resist him. I also loved Claudia, her looking Au Pair Polish. Their stalking are truly exhilarating.
This novel is brilliant, well-written, a perfect mix of mystery and chick lit. A quick fast-paced read that keeps you enthralled and engrossed throughout the book.
I can't wait to read the sequel
If you are looking for a fun, easy read romantic mystery, I would recommend this book.



The reality of the situation was slowly creeping up on me. A stranger was inside my car. I inched toward the door handle, knowing my best solution would be to escape. My only knowledge of martial arts came from watching The Karate Kid. I harbored a strong suspicion it wouldn’t help much. I would probably hurt myself if I tried to pull off a crane move. Shoving all movie references away from my overwrought brain, I wondered what was wrong with me?

A burning sensation in my lungs reminded me to breathe. I gulped as much air as I could, getting ready to scream for help. All the while, I kept my eyes trained on him, trying to conjure a reassuring expression that wouldn’t set him off. Would I make it out of the door if he lunged toward me? Doubtful. Although he lounged back in the seat casually, I could feel the tension in his lean body, a panther ready to pounce on his prey.

I focused on his face, hoping to decipher his intentions. Besides his brown eyes that had lost their humor, the intruder had light chestnut hair clipped short, a nose that must have been straight once, and a square jaw sporting a five o’clock shadow.

At last, my hand connected with the metal handle and I tensed, ready to spring the hell out of here. Let him have the car, I just wanted out.

His hand shot in my direction, but he stopped it right before it touched my arm.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Astrid Arditi was born from a French father and Swedish mother. She lived in Paris and Rome before moving to London with her husband and daughter back in 2013.
After dabbling in journalism, interning at Glamour magazine, and teaching kindergarten, Arditi returned to her first love: writing.
She now splits her time between raising her kids (a brand new baby boy just joined the family) and making up stories.
A Cunning Plan is Arditi's first published work.

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Astrid Arditi will be awarding a Kindle Fire (International) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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