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Blog Tour: Madman Across the Water by Caroline Angel

Madman Across the Water
By- Caroline Angel
Genre- Horror

For generations one family has been haunted by something... something that stalks. It sees and listens, it watches and follows. In the shadows and mist it waits, to take you, to hurt you, perhaps to kill you. And if it doesn't kill you, you’ll wish it did.

A creepy, suspenseful saga of family, horror, and mystery, this is one story sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night, fog, and all things tall and slender.


Miles stumbled a little, dropping his rifle and Robert reached out to steady him. "Thank you, friend." Miles steadied himself against the sturdy grasp of the older man. "Must be a hidden tree root." He held Robert's forearm as he leaned forward to retrieve his rifle from the foggy whiteness covering the path. He stood straight and lifted the weapon high. "This isn't my rifle" he frowned and handed the shotgun to Daggett. One hand was still holding Robert, who also remained clutching the back of his coat. He bent again and lifted another gun, this one again not his. Daggett and Eli felt around and lifted up several more weapons, leaning them against the closest tree trunk. They found seven in all, and a man's large black boot.
Miles finally lifted his own weapon up. "This is strange. Why are all the guns here on the side of the path?"
Eli shook his head. "I am not liking this. Not one bit. The silence, the fog, the weapons. This is not good. This is not a good situation at all. And has anyone else notice how light it is? I would swear by God that the fog is glowing"
Miles nodded in agreement "Well, at least it's not raining" He felt something wet drop on his check and swiped at it. "Guess I spoke too soon"
"Might be dew," Daggett suggested, but Robert pulled Miles closer and touched the wet spot.
"That's not dew," he held his finger for the others to see. "That's blood."

About the Author-
Caroline wants to live in a world where it’s always acceptable to bring your dog with you, wherever you go.

As an author she’s had the most read stories on several sites, won competitions and challenges with her short stories and web based novels.

When she’s not selling cable TV, you can find her riding one of her horses, walking her dogs, or sitting in the local café drinking copious amounts of hot beverages and writing up a storm.

Her first book, a creepy horror novel titled “Madman Across The Water” hits shelves May 2015.


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