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Blurb Blitz & Giveaway: A Voice in the Dark

A Voice in the Dark
by Isla Grey



Abigail Farmer knows one thing, the funeral home business...

By day, she works at her family's funeral home. By night, she lives alone on its upper floor. With her stepfather, Sam, about to retire, Abigail is convinced there is only one person who can run the business effectively, her.

However, her life at the funeral home changes when Hasten Holmes arrives.

Ready for his first day on the job Hasten is met by a reluctant Abigail who hopes Sam sends him packing after they exchange unpleasantries.

Reluctant to get too close to anyone, especially someone who's associated with Stu--Sam's lowlife friend and wannabe business partner--Abigail deliberately keeps things strictly professional between them.

Then something unexpected happens...

Abigail's plans to take charge of the family business take a drastic turn when she finds the mutilated body of one of their clients, and it becomes apparent that there's more going on in the funeral home as a sinister plot begins to reveal itself.



Abigail and Hasten stood side by side propped against the concrete wall of the nursing home.
“Do they normally look like that?” Hasten mustered up enough nerve to ask as they gawked at the dead man splayed on the bed in front of them.
“No,” choked Abigail.
Hasten reached in his pocket and pulled out two crushed cigarettes. “I’ve been trying to quit,” he said, putting the end of one in his mouth and offering her the other. Abigail shook her head at the peace offering.
“Those things will kill you,” she said, still staring at the old man.
Hasten lit the cigarette with a silver lighter he had pulled from his other pocket.  “Doesn’t matter,” he said, taking it out of his mouth and pointing at the corpse. “Either way, we wind up like him.”
Abigail stepped away from the wall, still fixated on the old man’s glassy eyes staring back at her, and his mouth, frozen, agape in a silent primal scream. Was that true? Did everyone end up like this – gasping, struggling, fighting for those last few breaths, only to die forgotten, alone?
“Goodbye, old timer,” Hasten whispered. He patted the man’s shoulder and tried to close his eyes, but they shot open. 
“That only works in movies,” Abigail said. “He’s been dead too long.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Isla Grey grew up in Central Virginia. From the time she won an elementary school writing competition, she has always seemed to have a pen and paper handy and a story sprouting in her head. She likes to write a variety of stories, especially those that bring out the darker side of things.

When she's not being called Mom, Mama, Mommy (you get the picture), by her daughter who constantly keeps her on her toes, she enjoys good music, walking, reading, go-carts and is addicted to "The Walking Dead" and Panera Bread. She's also a pet human to a plethora of cats that have taken up residence at her home.

Isla also loves movies and is the Movie Mistakes Editor for, one of the top women's sites on the web. You can also visit her site,


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  1. Ciao! Thank you Libri Amori Miei for hosting the Blurb Blitz Tour for "A Voice in the Dark" today. I hope everyone enjoys the excerpt and good luck on the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.

  2. I like the blurb. Sounds like a good story.

    1. Hi Rita! Glad you liked the blurb. Good luck on the Amazon giveaway.


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