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Review: Written on my Heart by Cole Gibsen

Written on my Heart
Release Date: 07/28/15
Entangled Embrace
New Adult

Summary from Goodreads:
It's been six months since Ashlyn Daniels was kicked out of her home. Six months since she stood up to her abusive stepfather and got a busted rib—and seeing all her things set ablaze in a backyard bonfire—for her trouble.Never going back. She doesn't need trouble...especially if trouble is tattoo artist Lane Garrett, who's six-feet-plus of tattooed hotness and a complete ass.

Lane has spent the last decade fighting to support his family. To protect them. There's no room for romance, even with a fragile (yet amusingly feisty) stunner...even if she somehow manages to invade his world and his heart.

But while some secrets are as visible as ink on the skin, others must remain hidden at all costs...

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My Review

This new adult romance is very touching, sweet, romantic, sad. The story captured me from the first page, I immediately attached to the characters, are amazing and lovable but Ashlyn's family is really horrible.
Although she is young, Ashlyn has already known the true suffering, her stepfather is a wicked person who tried to destroy her life and is almost successful. But she found the courage to flee. Now she lives alone with a crazy roommate, has a broken-down car, a small and tiring work. But it is free and has the comfort of her dog and her friend Emily, she and a tattoo to be removed do know her a great guy, Lane. For an adolescent mistake he is found to be the father of a beautiful ten year old girl. The mother doesn't have wanted to know about her so he takes care of her alone and when his father died Lane also takes care of his sister and his mother with a lot of love. His life is only made of work and family, he  doesn't have time or desire to a stable relationship. When Ashlyn remains homeless he absolutely can't make her sleep in the car. He allows her to live in a small apartment that is under his shop. Being so close, the attraction between them increases and will be difficult to fight against their own feelings. Will they be able to heal the wounds of their hearts and find a way to live peacefully a love story?
I really loved the protagonists of this story. Ashlyn is very fragile, insecure, Lane can not help but to protect her. They are great, very young but mature, they already understand how life can be tough.
This reading is very addictive, thanks to the alternation of the point of views of Ashlyn and Lane during the story. The plot is believable and realistic, unfortunately even the author has had a similar experience to the protagonist, she knows what it is to be so young and helpless, not knowing where to live.
It 's a pleasant and deep reading, romantic but not trivial,

About the Author

Cole Gibsen first realized she different when, in high school, she was still reading comic books while the other girls were reading fashion magazines.

It was her love of superheroes that first inspired her to pick up a pen. Her favorite things to write about are ordinary girls who find themselves in extraordinary situations.

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