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Review & Giveaway: Conquered by Paula Quinene

by Paula Quinene


GENRE:   Historical Romance



Army soldier Johan Landers is bent on getting himself killed on Guam during WWII, but falls in love with Jesi, a native girl, and must fight to return to her.


My Review:

It 's a very exciting historical novel that captures you from the beginning to the end. It was interesting to learn about the history and  traditions of Chamorro and visit the island of Guam. I did not know this island and the terrible events that suffered during the war.
This story is set during World War II Japanese-occupied island of Guam. Johan is an American soldier and is dispatched to Guam. He is sad and doesn't want to live accomplishes dangerous missions where he risks his lives. But everything changes the day he meets Jesi, a local girl. He saves her from a Japanese attack and between them breaks out the passion.
I really loved Johan and Jesi, are realistic and genuine characters and the chemistry between them is magical.
It was a pleasant read, interesting, very romantic with some very hot scenes but would not call this book erotic.
I have no hesitation in recommending it highly.



“Drink,” she said.

Johan closed his eyes and took a sip. Then a gulp. Coolness spread through his body. She’s nice. It was the most delicious thing he’d put on his tongue. Refreshing. The girl held the cup for him until he finished.

“Thank you.”

The girl nodded.

She set the cup aside and stepped away to pick up the coconut and machete again. Keeping her left hand out of the way, the girl held the machete in her right hand, centered it on the coconut, and hit the coconut in the middle. It split in half. She brought the coconut to him. Using the skin that was between her teeth, she scooped the coconut flesh and fed him.

Johan savored the soft meat. It wasn’t as sweet as the stuff his granny used to sprinkle on cake. But it was really good.

The girl was about five feet and a couple inches, and it looked as if she could use something to eat, though she wasn’t as thin as the other refugees he’d seen. She wasn’t trembling anymore. When she finished, she set aside the spent coconut and cardboard.

“Thank you, Miss. My name is Johan. What’s your name?”

She narrowed her eyes at him for a moment.

“Jesi, my name is Jesi.”

Her voice was pleasant. He was exhausted. What is it about her eyes? She stood up, startling him, and walked deeper into the cave.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Paula Quinene was born and raised on Guam. She graduated from the University of Oregon in 1997 with a bachelor’s of science in Exercise & Movement Science, hoping to return to the island as an anatomy teacher. A resident of North Carolina since 2000, Paula’s homesickness – or “mahalangness” – has motivated Paula to write A Taste of Guam, Remember Guam, both cookbooks, and her first novel, Conquered. Paula’s home on the web is
Instagram: pquinene



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  1. Thanks for sharing your review!
    I've enjoyed following the tour for Conquered, it's been fun reading all of the excerpts, reviews, and posts along the way :)

  2. I love reading historical romance. I think this book sounds interesting.

  3. I just love the cover and I would love to read this book.

  4. Thanks for the review and excerpt. This sounds like a book I would enjoy.

  5. definitely looking forward to reading this!!

  6. Thanks for the great review and for sharing the excert. Sounds like another must read for me!


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